Friday, December 12, 2008

So Fun and So Yummy!

I have always had a love for things that are custom and especially love things that are handmade. If you are a cookie lover and would love to have your cookies customized you must check out Gumdrop Cookie Shop. Gum Drop Cookie Shop has many different cookies to chose from and all cookies are made to order with the finest ingredients. You can chose from custom cookies, couture, seasonal and even cookies designed just for kids.

Will and I had so much fun decorating our cookies from Gumdrop Cookie Shop. We both instantly fell in love with the van gogh gum drops set for $45. The set comes with 12 sugar cookies and 10 markers that have edible ink. This set would be perfect for a child's birthday party. Will had so much fun decorating his very own cookie and just couldn't wait to take a bite. I love the concept of letting kids decorate their own cookie. Check out Will's masterpiece, and he had no problem eating his work!

Be sure to visit Gumdrop Cookie Shop and they are kindly offering my readers 10% off of their purchase, please enter LDV10.

1 comment:

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm like the Sesame Street Cookie Monster...I do love cookies. But, shouldn't even consider eating them. Why? 'Cause I'd want more than just one. You know, 'pig out city'.

Happy weekend to you.