Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Gift Closet

Hi there! I have been reading La Dolce Vita for a while now and have decided to join the "lounge" here! I love all the handmade products found here and would like to share some of mine as well!

My name is Heather & I own The Gift Closet. I started it almost 3 months ago as a place where I could let my creativity flow! I didn't want to burden my family & friends on my personal blog with all my "creative outlets", so I started The Gift Closet.

I sell my handmade Soy Whipped Body Butter, Soy Linen & Body Spray, Scrabble Pendants, Lapel Pins, & Magnets. I also post daily tips, recipes, thoughts, as well as feature companies and there is always a giveaway going on @ The Gift Closet! ~wink wink~
So, stop by and say hello & thank you again to the gracious ladies at La Dolce Vita for allowing me to join in the fun here!!

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Reese said...

Welcome, I can't wait to visit.