Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mimi and Reese

Hi! My name is Teresa. I am Reese of Mimi and Reese, and I am more than thrilled to be joining La Dolce Vita and Friends. I have enjoyed reading this blog,so it tons of fun to join.
I am a crafty mom living outside of Music City. I love working at home with my two crazy kids, 3 and 9. I am married to a really sweet man who is quite patient with the craftiness than seems to overtake our house.
I started Mimi and Reese over the summer with the help of my 9 year old and partner in crime. We started making totes for our friends and family, and Mimi and Reese has now expanded to include t-shirts, aprons, bulletin boards, bows, and a tutu here and there. We have been so blessed by gracious ladies along the way who are so willing to offer a helping hand.
Glad to meet you!
(Mimi and Reese)

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