Thursday, October 16, 2008

I LOVE my new Totebag!!!

Isn't this totebag fabulous?? I just love it. I am planning to use it as a diaper bag. I've had my old diaper bag since my son was born, (20 months now), and I'm tired of it. While it's been great for his newborn years, I want something that is fun and funky, and I think this totebag is totally it!!!

If you love this tote too, you should definitely visit Apricot A Lot's website. This totebag is actually a custom design. So it's not something you will find anywhere else. I worked with Carissa and together we came up with the fabric combinations that I wanted for the tote. It was so easy and so fun! She showed me some pictures of different fabrics that she had and put them together and then she sent me the images so I could see the color combinations together. It really worked great and the bag is exactly like I imagined, but better! I think the colors are so unique and definitely not something that I've seen before. I fell in love with the giraffe pattern when I saw it and I knew that had to be the main fabric for the bag.

Check out her site, Apricot A Lot!, and see some other fabulous examples of hobos and totes that she has done for others. Let her do a bag for you or a loved one for the holidays. I promise, you will not be disappointed.
She also made me a toddler pod. It's for a couple diapers and wipes. Isn't it great? It's done in contrasting fabric to match the totebag. I can't wait to change my son's diaper in public now. I'll be so glad to ditch the ugly and boring diaper bag I've been using in favor of my funky new bag. After my son gets past the diaper stage (can't wait for that, btw), I plan to use it as a multi-functional bag. The quality is so good I'm sure it will last a good long time.

Head on over to Apricot A Lot's site and check out all the fun things their doing over there.


michelle {sweet mady's paper} said...

that tote bag is fabulous!

The Posh Parent said...

very cute and stylish!

Good N Crazy said...

Hey, how cool you are? I didn't even know this was going up here!

So tricky you are!!


Cinnamon said...

Nice! I love Carissa's bags. She's so talented.
:) Robin